Phaeton CTF :: Jan 18, 2017

Around April 2016 I worked on a Halo 5 Forge map, set on the Parallax canvas. Originally the map was purely aestetic, but was later redesigned to support Phaeton-on-Phaeton CTF mayhem.

The map features three flags spread across Parallax, and each with a unique theme. One flag is surrounded by ice fields and spinning whales, another is boxed-in with tron-esque floating cubes, and the center control point is tucked inside a claustrophobic instrument-studded aesteroid.

I never managed to finish the design or test with large parties, but wanted to assemble some documentation before the project is lost to time. With Halo 5’s new forge object-count and scripting capabilities, I can see this gamemode being brought to full fruition.

Attached are some Xbox screenshots taken during development. The map download link can be found here.