*Really* Small Java Apps :: Mar 4, 2019

Since bundling apps and runtime is the new best-practice (whether with Docker or jpackage), and the full JVM weighs in at hundreds of megabytes, how can we include only the minimal JVM subset our application requires? This post explores 4 complementary ways:

Scripting in Java :: Sep 28, 2017

Java is often ridiculed for its verbosity.

Removing scala.Predef for scala-library.jar Independence :: Aug 6, 2017

Completely removing scala.Predef can be enforced by the compiler with option -Yno-predef. In addition to changing default type signatures and functions, removing Predef lets one become independent of Scala’s collections library. scalac compiled .class and .jar files can then be directly executed with java, without having to add the 5 megabyte scala-library.jar to the classpath.

JVM Startup Times :: Jun 9, 2017

The JVM’s Achilles heel is long startup times. This is especially true for Scala programs, which require megabytes of additional jars on the classpath. On my 2015 i5 8gb ram Macbook Pro with Scala 2.12.2 and Java 8, the following takes over one second to execute:

Retroactive Polymorphism with Scala Typeclasses :: Jan 31, 2017

As an object-functional language, Scala supports many ways of writing generic, polymorphic code. This article will introduce retroactive polymorphism, and examine the advanced language features enabling it in Scala.

Phaeton CTF :: Jan 18, 2017

Around April 2016 I worked on a Halo 5 Forge map, set on the Parallax canvas. Originally the map was purely aestetic, but was later redesigned to support Phaeton-on-Phaeton CTF mayhem.

Giter8 Scala Templates :: Dec 2, 2016

Defending the configuration of my Scala templates.

Recommended scalac Options :: Dec 1, 2016

Threat Stack recently published a sound review of scala’s compiler flags. Here’s the archived links:

Creature Features :: Jul 24, 2016

A showcase of evolution’s diversity. Inspired by Mr. Traina’s Evolution, Biodiversity, and Ecology (EBE) class at the Illinois Math and Science Academy.

Pancreatic Cancer Research :: May 1, 2014

From May 2014 to August 2014, I researched Transforming Growth Factor Beta’s effect on epithelial-mesenchymal transition, which is implicated in the development of pancreatic adenocarcinoma. I worked under the guidance of Dr. Paul Grippo and Danny Principe of Northwestern University.