Removing scala.Predef for scala-library.jar Independence :: Aug 6, 2017

Completely removing scala.Predef can be enforced by the compiler with option -Yno-predef. In addition to changing default type signatures and functions, removing Predef lets one become independent of Scala’s collections library. scalac compiled .class and .jar files can then be directly executed with java, without having to add the 5 megabyte scala-library.jar to the classpath.

To keep Predef’s ease-of-use definitions like println and implicitly, copy Predef directly from source, or re-implement choice members. This is the implementation in

package com.example

import scala.annotation.elidable
import scala.annotation.elidable.ASSERTION

object Predef {
  @inline final def implicitly[A](implicit evidence: A): A = evidence

  @inline final def assert(assertion: Boolean): Unit =
    if(!assertion) throw new java.lang.AssertionError("assertion failed")

  @inline final def assert(assertion: Boolean, message: => Any): Unit =
    if(!assertion) throw new java.lang.AssertionError("assertion failed" + message)

  @inline final def print(i: Int): Unit = System.out.print(i)
  @inline final def print(c: Char): Unit = System.out.print(c)
  @inline final def print(s: String): Unit = System.out.print(s)
  @inline final def print(f: Float): Unit = System.out.print(f)
  @inline final def print(d: Double): Unit = System.out.print(d)
  @inline final def print(l: Long): Unit = System.out.print(l)
  @inline final def print(b: Boolean): Unit = System.out.print(b)
  @inline final def print(s: Array[Char]): Unit = System.out.print(s)
  @inline final def print(obj: AnyRef): Unit = System.out.print(obj)

  @inline final def println(i: Int): Unit = System.out.println(i)
  @inline final def println(c: Char): Unit = System.out.println(c)
  @inline final def println(s: String): Unit = System.out.println(s)
  @inline final def println(f: Float): Unit = System.out.println(f)
  @inline final def println(d: Double): Unit = System.out.println(d)
  @inline final def println(l: Long): Unit = System.out.println(l)
  @inline final def println(b: Boolean): Unit = System.out.println(b)
  @inline final def println(s: Array[Char]): Unit = System.out.println(s)
  @inline final def println(obj: AnyRef): Unit = System.out.println(obj)